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Welcome to Lodestone Solutions Group
Our mission is to develop and inspire leaders and sharpen their leadership skills through our professional development training in Missouri to use a moral compass of empathy, compassion, and selflessness to discover personal and sustainable strength in leading others confidently, even if the whole world is watching.

group of people smilingJack Welch, legendary CEO of General Electric states, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Growing Others, a necessary competency in capable leaders of today, require empathy and an immediate willingness to understand the perspective of others so people can be led effectively, right where they are.

In the early days of the events unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, Captain Ron Johnson faced the dilemma of having to lead multiple audiences of people, each of whom had different expectations for how to be led and motivated by Captain Johnson, based on their backgrounds, belief systems, and biases. This leadership dilemma Captain Johnson faced occurred very publicly, while the whole world was watching. Knowing the audiences of protestors, law enforcement officials, media and the community of Ferguson residents all had different needs and expectations of Captain Johnson’s leadership at that time, he elected to use his moral compass of empathy, compassion and selflessness, walking fearlessly amongst the protestors, in his law enforcement uniform without a protective vest, serving as a calming, unifying signal that he hears and understands that an urgent unification bridge between the community and law enforcement must be built, and fast! Leading multiple audiences at that moment in time, right where they needed to be led, in the heat of a rapidly deteriorating small once unknown City of Ferguson, Missouri while the whole world was watching required, WORTHY LEADERSHIP.

We at Lodestone, train leaders to be READY and WORTHY of the leadership they are called to serve. Whether you are in small business, corporations, non-profit, government, military, higher education and/or a faith-based organization, we provide the guidance necessary to increase your ability and confidence to lead in all circumstances, even if the whole world is watching.

The world, Corporate America, our futures, and families are dependent on strong leadership. Strong leaders are the ones who make a mark that can’t be erased in many areas of the business world. They tend to inspire, encourage, build, share and more. Lodestone is here to help bring out the inner leader in you. We are determined to help make this world a better place one leader at a time.

Lodestone will help you develop a clear strategic vision, first by outlining a strategic vision for yourself and then your organization. One of our objectives is to identify which obstacles are in your way. It’s really those obstacles that we need to clear. Are you ready for Worthy Leadership?

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